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Step into the hidden gem of Tauranga, where secrets are savoured and flavours come alive.

From delectable share plates to mouthwatering burgers, refreshing salads to daring desserts, and a range of vegan options, our menu promises to satisfy every craving, from lunch time through to after dinner treats.

While our kitchen may be cozy, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. Should you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, kindly provide us with 48 hours notice before your reservation, and we’ll endeavour to tailor your experience.

Join us at Miss Gee’s, where good times await and memories are made. Reserve your table today, and let the good times beGIN!


olives (vegan)

Marinated olives + dukkah


Bread (vegan)

Lightly toasted Ciabatta, balsamic vinegar, olive oil


Hummus & Flatbread (gf,vegan)

House made hummus, garlic flatbread, chilli oil drizzle


Gee-Bread (v)

Pocket Bakery ciabatta, garlic butter, balsamic reduction – bangin’


Feed a crew

The Platter (gfo/*)

Serves up to 4 people

Chorizzo, pepperoni salami, mixed marinated olives, roquette pesto, chicken bites, chilli plum sauce, grilled Pocket Bakery ciabatta, gluten-free garlic flatbread, danish blue & brie cheeses
*pesto contains almonds*



Mushroom Arancini (vegan/*)

Vegan-friendly panko crumbed mushroom risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella + rocket pesto, aioli, seasonsal micros
*pesto contains almonds*


Calamari (df/*)

Crispy calamari, house made sweet & sour sauce, crushed peanuts, coriander, spring onion & fresh lemon
*contains peanuts*


Butter Prawn Dumplings (df/*)

Prawn dumplings, butter chicken spiced coconut sauce, chilli oil (5pc / 10pc)
*sauce contains peanuts*

5 = $18 / 10 = $30

Karaage Fried Chicken (df)

Twice coated fried chicken pieces, miso mayo, spring onion


Miso Piggy (df)

Twice cooked NZ pork belly, miso mirin caramel sauce, coriander (5 pieces)


Chicken Bites (df)

Bite sized panko crumbed chicken breast, mild house made chilli plum sauce, aioli


Korean Fried Cauli (vegan/🌶️) 

Tempura cauliflower, korean spiced hot sauce, asian style dukkah, coriander


Loaded Tempura Fries

Handmade tempura battered fries, topped with bacon jam, cheese, aioli, garlic chives, spring onion


Beef Carpaccio (gf)

Lightly seared, thinly sliced prime nz beef, black truffle oil, micro roquette, capers, parmesean, aioli, orange beetroot puree
Add ciabatta – $5


Just for me

Prawn & chorizo laksa (gf/*)

House made chicken bone broth infused with hand made laksa paste, prawns, chorizo, thick rice noodles, seasonal veges, coriander, peanuts
*contains peanuts & prawns*


Crispy Pork Hawka Roll

Fried roti, crispy pork, lettuce, polynesian style salad (spring onion, tomato, garlic chives, coconut cream, lemon)


Spicy Chicken Hawka Roll 🌶️

Fried roti, karaage fried chicken, lettuce, spring onion, garlic chives, korean hot sauce, miso mayo, chilli oil


Thai Green Curry Salad (gf,df,*,vgo,🌶️)

Vegan option available
Grilled chicken or Banana Blossom served on a fresh salad with thai green curry sauce, fresh mint, coriander, crushed peanuts
*contains peanuts*


Gee’s Burger (gf0)

Beef patty, lettuce, dijon mustard, sweet pickle, cheese, smoked hickory bbq sauce & MG’s burger sauce, brioche bun
Add fries – $3
GFO – Gluten-free bun – $2


Cheer up Buttercup Salad (v,vgo,*)

Honey roasted buttercup pumpkin, cherry tomato, red onion, feta, toasted almond, hummus, char grilled brocolli, roast garlic, drizzled with olive oil, dukkah sprinkle
*contains almonds*


Chicken Lick’n Toastie

Hand cut grilled fresh bread, stuffed with crumbed chicken, brie, bacon, cranberry sauce, aioli



Choc chip skillet cookie (vegan)

House made skillet cookie with dark chocolate, Peanut Butter swirl & Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream #mountmade *Please allow 13 mins baking time
*swirl contains peanuts*


Chocolate Brownie (gf)

Decadent triple chocolate brownie with raspberry coulis and a scoop of vanilla ice cream


Gee’s Doughnut

House made super sized doughnut big enough to share – check with staff for flavour


Little Gee’s

For kids up to 12 years old
Free activity bag to keep kids entertained while you sip back and relax

crumbed chicken bites

Bite sized crumbed chicken pieces with a side of fries + choice of small soda or juice


Mini Cheese Burger

Beef patty, lettuce, cheese, t-sauce with a side of fries + choice of small soda or juice


Kids Nachos

Beef mince, corn chips, cheese and sour cream + choice of small soda or juice


Sides & Extra

Fries (v)

Crispy golden fries served with aioli

Reg – $8 / Lrg – $14

Jalapeño Bites (v)

Little spicy balls – great starter option as well


Onion Rings (v)

Golden crunchy rings of deliciousness


Add Ciabatta (v)

Add on some toasted ciabatta


Side Salad (vegan, gf)

Fresh as salad to share around – seasonal


Extra Sauces

Tomato Sauce, Aioli, Vegan-Aioli

$2 each

Dietary Info

GF – Gluten-Free | VG – Vegan | V – Vegetarian | * – Allergy | DF – Dairy-free | 🌶️ – Bit Spicy | GFO – Gluten-Free Option