While we are all in our isolation bubbles, we want to make sure you’re enjoying your gin and tonic to its full potential! We’ve created a quick guide to creating the perfect Gin & Tonic at home. Have a go at making a spectacular drink and make sure you share your creations with us! We can’t wait to see you all for a gin again soon!

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Let the good times be-GIN!

One: Choosing your vessel.

Firstly we need to put some thought into what style glass you are using for your perfect GEE&T. Try using glassware like a Copa, tumbler or even a red wine glass. These can enhance the nose and allow you to take in all the fragrant botanicals in the gin. Have a play around with the different type of glassware available till you find something that suits you and gives you the best experience. At least you get to drink all your experiments!

Two: Cool me down.

Before pouring in all the goodness to your glass, CHILL! It’s so important to be working with a nicely chilled glass as it will help to reduce your ice melting and diluting your fabulous mix (cause who the hell wants that!?!). While you are getting all your supplies and garnish ready, have your glass resting filled with ice to cool it down. Tip out any excess water and then top up with more ice before you start to pour. The more ice you use, the less dilution you get and the more flava you’ll get from your gin.

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Three: Measure it up.

Unless you’re a bartender or you can free pour like a pro, we recommend measuring your glugs. This way, once you master your recipe, it’s going to be so f’n good, every time. Miss Gee’s suggests one-quarter tonic to three-quarter premium tonic – more on this next. We are going to leave the size of the gin amount up to you as you may like a little or a lot. Our recommended pour is 50ml gin vs 150ml tonic.

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Four: Quality tonic is the key.

Selecting the right tonic is as vital as choosing your gin, as it is usually two-thirds of the drink. One of the leading causes of those ‘bad nights on gin’ is because of poor quality tonics or wrong ratios. At Miss Gee’s, we choose to pair all our gins with Fever-Tree premium tonics cause they are super delicious. Determine what your end goal is with your mix. Do you want to really taste the gin or perhaps enhance the flavours even further? If you’re looking for something dryer or to focus more on the gin itself, opt for an Indian or Light tonic. If you’re looking to enhance your chosen gin, try some of the aromatic tonics that are available out there today. Fever-Tree’s Elderflower tonic is heavenly! You don’t always have to buy the most expensive gin to get the best flavours, but it all helps towards the perfect GEE & T.

Photo by Dragomir Ralchev on Unsplash

Five: Garnish like a pro.

You can get technical with your garnishes – matching predominant botanicals used to make the gins like ginger, lavender, cardamon and more – step it up when you start to learn more around botanicals and aromas. We say, show us your personality! You can’t cock it up too badly so let your creativeness flow! If you want something citrusy, try a wheel of lime, orange or grapefruit. If you’re stuck for inspiration, try some of these simple garnish combinations:

  • Pink grapefruit & rosemary
  • Cucumber & peppercorns (add some mint as well if you love mint like us!)
  • Lime, mint & blueberries
  • Orange and cucumber
  • Chillies and lime
  • Strawberries & basil

Wow, all that typing has made me thirsty! Time for a GEE&T!
Love Miss Gee.

We want to see your GEE&T!

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