The essence of Italy…

Ginato Gin is distilled with passion. Coming from the La Nostra Distillery situated near Ravenna in the northern region of Emilia Romagna. Ginato Gin Distillers have sourced the finest grapes, juniper berries and citrus fruit by scouring the entire length of Italty. These gins are bright, vibrant and bursting with summer flavours.

The finest Pinot Grigio grapes are harvested in Friuli in the north of Italy. The famously light grape varietal joins other grains and is crafted into a spirit that delivers a distinct profile.

The juniper is hand sourced from the rolling hills of Tuscany and the green heart of Umbria. The crops grow at high elevations where there are few trees and many wildflowers. The Italian berries are smaller, higher grade, more complex, and fruity.

Southern Italy is blessed with a Mediterranean climate. Sunny hot days and cold nights give citrus fruits a typical sweetness and taste that is very difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

Expect full flavours, sweetness and gorgeous colours.

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